Billing Management iPad App – for Doctors

Doctors have to keep a track record of appointments, and new patient entries, catering to walk-in patients for whom they need a lot of information to be filled in before they can submit the charges.


As is the situation for doctors in filling the patient bills is manual on a paper-based form, after completing the form, the form is then sent to insurance companies. Doctors must also remember ICD/CPT codes to enter the correct billing information. This process is cumbersome and time-consuming and there are chances of revenue leaks, in case any code in the bill is missed.

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AdvancedMD is a billing system used by practitioners and hospitals to take care of charges/billing for patients. This App should interface with AdvancedMD systems. It will allow medical service providers to enter patient charges at the point of service in real-time using an iPad.

Physicians should be able to view patients’ appointments and enter the charges along with ICD and CPT codes. On the backend in real-time, the biller should be able to see the charges under the charge review screen of the AdvancedMD solution.

Basically, this idea is for doctors to enjoy paper-free billing. No fact sheets or index cards in order to submit the charges to the insurance companies. They can, in fact, add patients directly from their iPads.

The Solution

The most significant benefit of the system, of course, is that it would help doctors to provide services and enter the charges while on the go, increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. This would help them deliver a better experience for patients and billing companies.

The application interfaces with the REST APIs of the AdvancedMD system, with a fully secure HTTPS communication channel.


  • Select Facilities
  • Create / Search patients on the move
  • Create an appointment
  • Select appointment and enter CPT/ICD for the appointment
  • Re-order CPT/ICD and submit charge slips
  • Select various charge slip templates configured on the backend


The client application has been written for iPad running iOS 4.3 or later.

Billing Management

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