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Client is a major US based retail merchandiser providing integrated business-to-business solution in the areas of printing, shelf-edge marketing, data management and fulfilment.

Client company serves retailers, manufacturers and direct marketers with end-to-end marketing solutions that grow sales and boost profit. The client also provides workflow tools and solutions for ease of implementing micro-merchandising programs across retail operations.

Client services include:

  • Shopper Marketing Solutions
  • Visual Merchandising initiatives
  • Shelf-Edge Health + Wellness Attributes
  • Variable Data Printing, Offset Printing, and Digital Printing
  • End-To-End Service Solutions


A merchandising system that helps retailers create customized in store shelf tags, interactive marketing tools and social media content promoting the nutrition values of a wide range of food products. From vitamins, to health & beauty products, cosmetics, and even pet foods, the system connects shoppers with high value, easy-to-interpret information that drives retailer sales and profits.

The trend toward seeking out and demanding nutrition information is driven by a desire for a healthier lifestyle. More consumers of all ages are looking for more information. A system was needed to enhance customer’s awareness of health and wellness attributes extend beyond food.

Client specifications include:

  • To create health & wellness database to store wellness attributes, product information, product ingredients and nutritional data linked to UPC codes.
  • Build a set of web APIs to allow controlled access to UPC linked wellness attribute, nutritional data and product ingredients information from Client’s API database.
  • The web APIs should allow customers to incorporate wellness, nutritional and product ingredients data in corporate databases, to service their website with targeted UPC.
  • Build a set of web APIs to allow controlled access to UPC linked wellness attribute, information and use the information to serve smart apps for its customers.
  • Developing API documentation and help pages on how to implement APIs.
  • Help pages to be incorporated with the demo website. This documentation will help product development at retailer’s web portals.


We at Emorphis designed a system that can integrate dietary data with store inventory to generate customized POP and shelf edge solutions that direct consumers to a more informed choice. A system which can integrate proven, science-based nutrition information with real-time primary data taken directly from a client’s store to produce customized, informative, shelf-edge solutions that drives sales and profits.


  • ASP.Net & ASP.Net Web API
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • SSRS
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Visual Studio 2012


  • A well-designed client’s wellness database which contains the information about the products and their attributes, UPC numbers etc.
  • Written ReST based Web APIs along with proper technical and user documentation to associate nutritional & ingredient attributes of a wide range of food to help customers make healthy eating choices on website. The high value easy to interpret nutritional and wellness information will augment retailer sales and profits. Every authorized retailer is provided with a unique API key, with the help of this key retailers gain access to APIs. Retailers have to then sign up for the API database service. The wellness database then allows to link specific approved wellness attributes for each retailer for customized responses to each retailer’s demand or requirement. API response can be on JSON or XML format.
  • A well-designed interactive website demonstrating functionality of all APIs.
  • Administration and authentication module to help setup customers and to provide ability to manage client’s database.
Health and Wellness


  • Trading partners that subscribe to the platform do not have to worry about the message format/protocol differences.
  • The platform provides support for common exchange protocols like FTP, http, and AS2. Additionally, it also provides its own communication protocol built over http. Customers can deploy a web-based client application provided by our client to communicate over this protocol.
  • The platform provides users with a web-based interface to keep track of the documents they are exchanging.
  • The platform also offers a web-based console for suppliers who do not have EDI capabilities at their end but would still like to receive documents. The console provides facility to view incoming documents, create acknowledgements, ASNs and invoices through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Email notifications are sent to the customers to inform them of important events in the application.
  • Sophisticated messaging techniques are used for interaction between different server-side components.
  • The platform enables secure exchange of data. It supports multiple encryption algorithms and SSL to ensure data protection and integrity while exchanging documents.
  • The application provides high availability and failover capabilities to ensure business continuity for clients in the event of a server failure.
  • The server-side architecture is multi-tenant, where one instance of the application can exchange documents for multiple customers. Necessary data isolation strategies have been put in place to prevent data of one customer becoming visible to another.

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