Client Challenges

A prominent healthcare product company dedicated to enhancing patient engagement through innovative solutions. With a reputation for leading the industry with state-of-the-art products, the company has a presence in multiple countries and serves a large patient base.

  • Scalability Issues: As the company grew, their existing infrastructure couldn’t handle the surge in patient engagement activities. This led to delays, outages, and a decline in patient satisfaction.
  • Data Security Concerns: Handling sensitive patient information means any breach can have severe consequences, both in terms of reputation and legal implications.
  • Integration Barriers: Integrating new technologies or making changes was a time-consuming process. This meant slower time-to-market for their products.
  • Cost Management: Maintaining on-premises infrastructure was proving to be cost-intensive, with increasing demands for hardware and maintenance resources.

Our Solution

  • Migration to Cloud Infrastructure: We transitioned their infrastructure to a robust cloud platform, ensuring seamless scalability. This means as patient engagement grows, the infrastructure scales accordingly without any manual intervention.
  • End-to-end Security Implementation: Using advanced cloud-native security tools, we fortified their data storage and transmission channels. Regular audits and real-time monitoring ensure data remains uncompromised.
  • Containerized Applications: Leveraging containers and Kubernetes, we transformed their application architecture. This not only improved deployment times but also made integrations seamless.
  • DevOps Integration: By introducing a CI/CD pipeline, we ensured faster deployments, automated testing, and quicker time-to-market for their solutions.
  • Cost-optimized Infrastructure: Using cloud-native services and serverless architectures, we reduced infrastructure costs by ensuring the client paid only for what they used, eliminating the need for upfront hardware investments.

Benefits Delivered

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: With the enhanced scalability and performance of the cloud infrastructure, patients experienced faster response times and uninterrupted service.
  • Reduced Costs: The transition to a cloud-native approach resulted in a significant reduction in infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • Streamlined Operations: Automated workflows, containerization, and CI/CD pipelines led to faster product releases and streamlined operations.
  • Strengthened Data Security: Advanced cloud-native security measures ensured the sensitive patient data remained protected at all times.

Technology Used

To provide the client with a future-proof solution, we employed the best of cloud-native technologies:

  • Cloud Platforms: Leveraged major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP for reliable and scalable infrastructure.
  • Kubernetes & Docker: Used for containerization, ensuring easy scalability, and efficient resource utilization.
  • Terraform & Ansible: Infrastructure as code to automate provisioning and configuration, ensuring repeatable and consistent environments.
  • CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, GitLab CI for automated testing, and deployments.
  • Cloud-Native Security Solutions: Tools and practices tailored for cloud environments, ensuring maximum security and compliance with healthcare regulations.

About Emorphis

Emorphis Technologies is a world-class software development and solutions company that truly believes in “Innovation in motion”. Delivery innovation on the go at an accelerated pace has been our success mantra till date. Over the years we have provided value to our clients in the field of enterprise mobility, cloud, IoT, backend development, Big Data Analytics, and Blockchain.

We serve industries ranging from unicorns, and startups to large multinationals in the healthcare, telecommunications, fintech, retail, and publishing industry. Our go-to-market software products – iStatement, iPublisher, and iBuggy have proved our metal with positive beneficial customer testimonials. We help our clients with successful product development, consulting services, and testing (manual & automated).

We have profound experience & expertise in various technologies like .Net, J2EE, PHP, iOS, Android, and Cloud Computing viz. Amazon Web services (AWS), Software QA & testing (Manual & Automation). Our designed products are cloud-ready and can be readily deployed on AWS/Azure cloud infrastructure.

Our pivot on engineering innovation and R&D helps quicken time-to-market, ensuring high quality at economies of scale, delivering cult competency for the global marketplace. We ensure that your ideas, concepts, and requirements are backed by brilliant execution at our end. Having said that we extend end-to-end ownership of product/application design, development, and deployment.

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