This project was designed to implement a customer relationship management system (CRM) that can be used by Client, and move from the current CRM system and Excel sheets, and help the client to build all the business processes in one system.




  • Nonprofit dedicated to people undergoing cancer treatment by improving their quality of life and self-esteem.
  • Team of volunteers offers complimentary group and virtual sessions that teach beauty techniques to help people with cancer to face their diagnosis with greater confidence.
  • Client was using multiple systems including Excel sheets which store all their information related to hospitals, Patients, Volunteers, Donations, etc.
  • The current systems do not provide client the level of reporting they require for data related to Donation, volunteers timing and sessions / hospital details.
  • All departments maintain their own versions of data meaning there is a high possibility of duplication in data and currently a single view is impossible. Also, many processes are extremely manual and time consuming, so automation is key.


  • Implemented Salesforce with Non-Profit Success pack.
  • Implemented Volunteer Management using Volunteer for Salesforce App.
  • Implemented Donation Management, Household Model, and Fundraising Management.
  • Worked with the client in integrating salesforce with their website.
  • Installed appexchange products to help streamline their business process.
  • Added new objects in salesforce to manage their product stocks.
  • Complete customization of salesforce to achieve client requirement and help them in achieving 360 view of their Volunteers, Donors and patients.
  • Providing assistance to the client in preparing their data in salesforce format, and worked with them in pushing the data in salesforce.


  • Data duplication was reduced to minimal.
  • Data and activity sharing across all the departments/teams was improved.
  • Improved Volunteer Management.
  • Ease of entering new data in salesforce.
  • Ease of managing and growing fundraising.
  • Monitoring interactions with all contacts.
  • Improved Reporting.
  • Improved stock level management.
  • Reduce administration through integration with the website.

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