We established a remote generator monitoring system that enables telecommunication companies to remotely monitor and operate generators on a remote base station.

The remote generator monitoring system is an end-to-end smart monitoring and maintenance solution best fit for telecommunication companies to monitor various parameters of generators located at remote base stations.



The use of generators is common with telecom companies. There is an ever-increasing dependency on diesel generators for telecom service providers, broadcasters, and utilities. With the use of generators arises a set of challenges such as – maintaining the quality of the power grid, asset protection, generator general maintenance, fuel theft check, and human/manual dependency.

With the rising cost of diesel, remote site operators are looking at innovative ways to manage remote monitoring and reduce diesel bills.



The client company was looking for real-time monitoring of diesel generator parameters such as input AC power supply, output supply status, fuel level check, vibrations, and temperatures.

The requirement was for a remote generator monitoring system that can monitor a combination of analog / digital devices with features viz. – generator status, manual mode, common alarm, intrusion alarm, measuring the fuel level or engine temperature, etc. An overall solution to ensure diesel generators are running at optimum efficiency with reduced cost.


  • Monitor health and readiness parameters – Oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, diesel levels, engine run time, and engine RPM.
  • Remote operation & control – Remotely start and stop the generator in the field from any location.
  • Alarm management – To receive alarm notifications through SMS / email when the fuel consumption pattern changes.
  • Remote configuration of Gen Set controllers – Combine standard remote monitoring capabilities with remote configuration.

One of the significant challenges was to monitor and maintain the power grid network within the remote generator substation. The need was for remote supervisory control and a data acquisition system with the help of a fully functional and workable prototype.


Team Emorphis with its deep industry experience knew for a fact that diesel generators are capable of monitoring input and output power conditions. We took advantage of this fact and developed hardware to access the current state over RS232 protocol, and that can be controlled by a web interface developed by our expert team with features like – turning the system ‘on’ and ‘off’.

This system can communicate with GSM / GPRS network using a modem. We designed a complete back-end web infrastructure to store the real-time parameters using TCP / IP communication over a GPRS link.  Our team applied real-time parameter-capturing technologies to build a supervisory interface to control DG operations using an SMS interface.

Emorphis also designed a small embedded system that takes input from DG over a serial interface and controls the operation using the same interface.

Solution Architecture


  • Integrated with Supervisory Control / Data Acquisition System and Monitoring Software
  • GPRS / GSM Communication
  • Push-based data acquisition to the Supervisory Control / Data Acquisition System
  • Instant email / SMS alarms to alert the maintenance engineer
  • Real-time updates & parameters acquisition
  • Reliable 24×7 server solution facility
  • Generation of analytics reports and logs
  • Easy to setup and use
Solution Architecture

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