This exuberant web & mobile app is a virtual caddie service platform that pairs golfers with caddies. This app protects and preserves existing caddie programs at top courses and resorts and protects the occupation of caddying to elevate the standards of caddie services.


Founded in 2015, and based in Washington, DC, US, its mission is to grow the game of golf through youth caddies and make them widely and easily accessible to golfers of all skill levels at affordable prices.

The company’s service is operating at more than 100+ courses in 5+ states, including the top 100 clubs around the country. It is also used by thousands of golfers at tournaments and special events.


The companies aim is to serve three aspects of the game, namely – Golfers, Courses, and Tournament / Events.


For the millions of golfers who would prefer to walk, but not have to carry their bag, the option of a caddie means a return to a great tradition. We also understand the need for carts on some of today’s golf courses and have found that forecaddies can enhance the round for golfers while speeding up the pace of play.

Playing golf with a looper is the way the game is meant to be played. When walking with a looper, a golfer feels like a pro, enjoys the round more, gets more exercise, and most importantly, plays better. Golfers should be able to simply download the free App, which is to be made available for iPhone and Android devices. Golfers can then immediately start using the service at any of the participating courses.


A business in the fashion industry can benefit tremendously from a social media presence. The company had goals to blend social media & fashion to gain more exposure, grow its presence, and get more customers online by expanding its brand’s equity.

Tournaments / Events:

The mobile app should be able to upgrade the tournament experience and generate incremental revenue. Sponsors should be able to choose the premium exposure for the tournament and golfers. The mobile app should be an ideal choice for tournaments, corporate outings, and charity events.


The mobile app developed by team Emorphis for Caddies, Golfers, and Courses is an on-demand caddie booking app that enables everyone to experience golf while walking with a caddie – play like the professionals.

Web App
Mobile App

The web section of the application contains the following modules –

Admin Panel
This module is designed for the ease of admin to manage the activities/operations going on within the application. There are two kinds of users – Golfer & Caddie. There are three types of golfers within the system – Standard, PGA Pro, and Ambassador. There are four types of caddies within the system – JR Looper, Looper, Pro Looper, and YOC Looper.

Concierge Panel
There is a concierge module within the application which is managed by the concierge users. A concierge is an individual who aids the golfers in order to book a golf course at a tee time. A golfer needs to be a member of a concierge course in order to get concierge assistance.
The concierge on behalf of the golfer creates a booking for a golf course on the tee time and assigns caddies according to the golfer’s preference.

Golfer Panel
Users can sign up as golfers from this module. Admin needs to confirm the golfer’s account. Once the account has been activated, the golfer can log in to the account, and book a golf course for a tee time.

A single mobile application for both Caddies & Golfers. This app allows golfers to book caddies at participating courses and notifies qualified caddies who are available to pick up the round. The golfer and golf course are notified when rounds are picked up. After golfing, both the caddie and golfer rate each other.


Web App > Admin Panel

  • Access to the list of all users, courses, and regions of the system.
  • Can archive or unarchive a golfer, a caddie, and a course.
  • Can assign golf courses to a caddie.
  • Can view all bookings for a course.
  • Can assign a type to the course.
  • Can specify the types of bookings that are available in a course.
  • Can view all bookings generated within the system including past bookings, upcoming bookings, and claimed and unclaimed bookings.
  • Can view the ratings and reviews given to a golfer and a caddie.
  • Can view the reports containing all types of notifications that go from the system.

Web App > Concierge Panel

  • Access the list of all members and caddies of the concierge course.
  • Mark the caddies as preferred caddies for a member.
  • Creates a booking on behalf of a golfer member for a specific tee time.

Web App >  Golfer Panel

  • Log into the account.
  • Book a golf course for a tee time.
  • View upcoming bookings created by him/her.



The application benefits from a mobile app perspective are listed below:

  • Golfer & Caddie user registration & login.
  • Facility for Golfers to book Caddies for current or specific dates/times.
  • Booking notifications to matching/relevant caddies based on golf course location.
  • Facility for caddies to accept/reject any booking
  • Confirmation notifications to golfers about the acceptance of their booking requests.
  • Facility to check scheduled bookings for future dates.
  • Caddies can set their availability
  • Rate/Review
  • Facility to inform the user via message/mail/notifications.
  • React Native for Mobile App Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Coffee Scripts
  • HAML
  • Capistron & AWS-EC2 (Deployment Platform & Hosting)

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