First web-based Online Wardrobe Maintenance website. As per the app clothing and fashion are interlinked and are a social phenomenon.

The fashion company is a personal wardrobe assistant, organizing a user’s collection and even suggesting clothing items that haven’t been worn recently. If a piece has fallen out of favor or no longer fits, users can choose to share it with friends or give it away.



The client company is a fashion website that helps ease the burden of choosing what to wear by allowing users to set up a personal profile complete with clothing combinations and social sharing features. Now fashion-forward thinkers can get help from their friends, as well as designers and retailers when struggling to put together an outfit.


Through its flagship mobile app, the client wanted to create a personal wardrobe online that resembles customers’ “real” self. The application should pick out what clothes to wear on what day. The app should act as a personal fashion consultant, and a companion. The customers must be able to share, borrow, or giveaway wardrobe items.

A business in the fashion industry can benefit tremendously from a social media presence. The company had goals to blend social media & fashion to gain more exposure, grow its presence, and get more customers online by expanding its brand’s equity.

Social Retail Screenshots


Emorphis design & development team worked with in executing the concept ideated by blending social networking with online fashion & wardrobe. The mobile app platform we developed is a state of the art in User Interface, with an end-to-end social networking platform. The mobile app designed is a cloud-based application deployed on the Amazon EC2 platform. The images used to depict models and clothes were stored on a cloud platform as well.


  • End-to-End social networking platform
  • User Profile, News Feeds, Friends, Network
  • User Wardrobe, Events, Inbox, Notifications
  • Weather-Based / Location-Based Dressing / Fashion Suggestions
  • Real-time alerts when updates and events are posted
  • Create Outfits / Suggestions / Wardrobe Match for Friends
  • Browse Branded Products and Buy them online
  • Cloud-Enabled Platform – Deployed on Amazon EC2
  • Use of cloud-based storage for images


  • Cordova
  • HTML5
  • Javascript


  • Social online wardrobe
  • Create outfits for future dates
  • Events: One can ask friends what to wear for an event, and then friends can suggest from the wardrobe.
  • Fashion Networking: Built-in, networking capabilities allow people to share and discuss fashion items.

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