Pharmacy Claim Submission Platform


Client A US-based Healthcare Organization Challenges Pharmacies in the US have to charge a patient’s insurance company (payer) for the prescriptions they fill. These charges are submitted for payment as prescription claims to ...

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Pharmacy Order & Tracking App


Client A US-based Healthcare Organization Challenges In the healthcare ecosystem, interconnectivity between different elements is very challenging. For elderly patients or business professionals, it is very difficult to conduct ...

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Solution for HealthTech Device


Client The client is a leading manufacturer of health tech devices, involved in research, and clinical trials for early detection of irreversible chronic diseases. In such diseases like lymphedema (a side effect of cancer ...

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Mobile iOS App for Health Insurance Agents


For the sales cycle to be complete, agents need to explain product features and payment options to the customers in detail. What is required is an up-to-date information regarding new product, product comparisons, and promotional offers.

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