Our client, an ambitious startup from Africa, identified critical challenges faced by commuters in accessing reliable and efficient transportation services. The issues of unreliable transportation, scarcity of available cars due to economic constraints, and safety concerns stemming from the absence of standardized driver verification systems were paramount. The startup aimed to address these challenges and redefine urban mobility in the region.  

Problem Statement

Limited Vehicle Availability: In low-economic countries within Africa, the scarcity of available cars compounded the challenges faced by commuters, leading to unreliable transportation services.  

Safety Concerns: The absence of standardized driver verification systems heightened safety concerns among commuters, emphasizing the need for a secure and efficient transportation solution.  

Our Solutions

In collaboration with the African startup, we devised a comprehensive solution tailored to address these challenges:  

Two Distinct Apps: We developed separate mobile applications for drivers and consumers.   

Consumer App Features:

  • Intuitive Booking: Users could easily book rides with a few taps, specifying their destination and preferred vehicle type (standard taxi or bike taxi).  
  • Real-time Tracking: Live tracking allowed consumers to monitor the location of their booked vehicle, enhancing safety and transparency.  
  • Cashless Payments: Secure payment integration enabled users to make cashless transactions within the app, promoting convenience and safety.  

Driver App Features

  • Efficient Navigation: Drivers had access to optimized routes for efficient service, reducing travel times.  
  • Trip Management: Drivers could manage incoming ride requests, view customer details, and accept or decline bookings based on availability.  
  • In-app Communication: A built-in communication feature facilitated real-time communication between drivers and riders for seamless coordination.
  • Verification: Real-time face verification of bike riders with their govt. identity
  • Quality Score: Ride quality score based on speed, braking, speed breakers, etc  

Web-based Backend Infrastructure:

A robust web-based backend was established to manage user accounts, bookings, payments, and driver information.   

  • Administrator Dashboard: The web backend provided administrators with a comprehensive dashboard for overseeing and managing the entire transportation ecosystem.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytics tools enabled data-driven decision-making, allowing for continuous improvement and optimization.
  • Driver Verification System: The backend facilitated a robust driver verification process, ensuring the quality and reliability of drivers on the platform.  
  • Real-time Tracking: Both the driver and consumer apps incorporated real-time tracking features.
  • Live Location Updates: Real-time tracking ensured consumers could monitor the precise location of their booked vehicle.
  • Route Optimization: Drivers could utilize real-time data to optimize routes, improving efficiency and reducing travel times.
  • Identity Verification: A stringent driver verification process was implemented, ensuring that only qualified and verified drivers became part of the platform. This enhanced safety for riders and established trust within the community.  

Benefits Delivered

The implementation of the taxi booking app resulted in significant benefits for both riders and drivers:  

  • Increased Convenience: Commuters experienced a notable improvement in the convenience of booking and tracking rides, reducing wait times and uncertainties.  
  • Enhanced Safety: The rigorous driver verification process and real-time tracking features significantly contributed to a safer transportation experience for riders, addressing safety concerns.  
  • Job Opportunities: The platform created new employment opportunities for drivers, contributing to economic development in the region.
  • Efficient Payment System: The integration of a secure payment system simplified transactions for riders, promoting a cashless and hassle-free payment experience.  


  • Mobile App: Reactnative   
  • Web backend: NodeJS  
  • Web frontend: Angular   
  • Database: Mongo DB  
  • Payment Gateway: Skrill 

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