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We developed a Smart CMS backed mobile digital publishing platform. The platform acts as an enabler for editors and publishers in story telling augmented with media.

The digital publishing platform is an end-to-end solution, best suited for publishing niche content in a story telling platform on any mobile device.

The platform provides rich text ready to use templates and is backed by a Smart CMS at the backend to create content.

Digital Publishing Platform


Client company is a major Indian media publishing house. It is India’s most diversified media group with presence across newspaper, magazine, radio stations, TV, web and mobile portal, and books publishing.

With more than four decades of operations, this media house is the first to bring a whole new genre of journalism more up-close and more incisive.


Client company sought to provide value to its customers by provided quality and relevant content. With the advent of mobile technology and subsequently its adoption, news content viewership on mobile has increased significantly. Mobile content publishing is key to success, yet companies fail at executing the right mobile content strategy.

New digital platforms are being introduced daily, and it can be difficult for publishers to cope up with these advancements. At the same time new technologies provides seamless content real time.

Content fit mobile reading experience is the key buzz. The content should fit on all screens hassle free without much platform dependency.

Client sensed then to reach their audience base with a digital platform, providing latest news and information, and allowing the viewers to read, share and subscribe from the mobile device.

Thus, aroused the need of a concrete content publishing system, with an incredible mobile experience including a very light version of the application.


The Solution

We at Emorphis applied content management expertise and implemented a solution that facilitated the editorial staff and authors to create dynamic content and publish stories with ease. Agile methodology was followed to implement this project which involved frequent releases, continuous integration, ongoing client participation, iterative deliveries and regular requirement reviews.

To enhance security, we implemented permission-based system in the back-end to allow only required individual editorial staff or authors to access the content.
The design and development team worked together closely on a sequence of prototypes which the client reviewed and evaluated for functional and conceptual usability.

Back-end – The platform facilitated admin to create templates and authors / editorial staff used these templates to create stories using Text, media files and images in order to create rich interactive content. The system also facilitated for content archival and deletion for appropriate purpose.

The admin was also provided with the option to publish content on website and / or mobile devices. The platform also provided an advanced search functionality. The platform also provided key metrics and analytics on content and users. The platform follows a workflow and approval management for editorial staff before the content is published.

Frontend – We created a mobile application (smartphone / tablet) and a web interface for users which provided a unique way to interact with the published content accompanied with familiar and enjoyable reading experience on mobile. Mobile application is designed in such a way that readers are engaged in viewing more content as compared to the other applications that were built with click and scroll in mind.

Integration of social sharing allow users to share content across various social networks. Many unique features made the application the best answer to all the requirements that were articulated by the client.


  • Platform enables the editors to create content for different categories – business or sports, define content structure for pages and blocks, drag & drop to place several objects on the pages – texts, pictures, and videos. User can set up object features and behaviour – size, fonts, colours and more.
  • CMS allows conversion of simple and unstructured content to highly structured content with rich metadata and media.
  • Users can distribute their content across all devices and channels like kiosks, smart TV and other more sophisticated integration can be supported.
  • A powerful presentation engine that provides the power to display niche content across multiple websites and page renderings.
  • Available APIs integrates the content with any web-enabled application on any device directly, Smartphone application include the iPad, iPhone, or Android.
  • Optimizing content in context provides audiences with the right information at the right time and in the right format. The platform offers an entire set of capabilities including search, analytics, personalized recommendations and automated online marketing.


  • Cordova
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C for iPhone
  • HTML5
  • JQuery mobile
  • Core Java
  • Amcharts
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Amazon EC2 Services

About Emorphis

Emorphis Technologies is a world class software development and solutions company which truly believes in “Innovation in motion”. Delivery innovation on the go at accelerated pace has been our success mantra till date. Over the years we have provided value to our clients in the field of enterprise mobility, cloud, IoT, backend development, Big Data Analytics, and Block Chain.

We serve industries ranging from unicorns, and startups to large multinationals in the healthcare, telecommunications, fintech, retail and publishing industry. Our go to market software products – iStatement, iPublisher and iBuggy have proved our metal with positive beneficial customer testimonials. We help our client in successful product development, consulting services and testing (manual & automated).

We have profound experience & expertise on various technologies like .Net, J2EE, PHP, iOS, Android and Cloud Computing viz. Amazon Web services (AWS), Software QA & testing (Manual & Automation). Our designed products are cloud ready and can be readily deployed on AWS/Azure cloud infrastructure.

Our pivot on engineering innovation and R&D helps quicken time-to-market, ensuring high quality at economies of scale, delivering cult competency  for the global marketplace. We ensure that your ideas, concepts and requirements are backed by brilliant execution at our end. Having said that we extend end-to-end ownership of product/application design, development and deployment.

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