Trans-payroll is a mobile app that provides employees with access to their personal records and payroll details. Features include allowing employees to change contact details, family members, banking information and benefits.

With the emergence of this mobile app, employees can transact with their Human Resource office without physical appearance which is considered irrelevant in some transactions.


Transerve is service provider for various HR and Financial support activities, in other words provide Hire-to-Retire HR platform on the cloud. The underlying objective behind all deliverables is to enable customers to achieve the best results by offering the most comprehensive, fast and accurate finance and payroll outsourcing solutions. The company is committed to deliver the best industry solutions to our clients.

The quality systems at Transerve match the best in the industry and have contributed significantly to performance and growth. Transerve uses clear documentation procedures that meets international norms and are well supported by the best tools for the job. It is further backed up by frequent cross- functional audits and a company- wide culture of continuous improvement.


With sophistication emerging in mobile technology, the company’s wish list is to provide an employee self service for the employees as a go to market product to be made accessible anywhere-anytime in a convenient and user-friendly manner. The vision is to empower employees and help improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

The intended mobile app as part of the requirement list should allow administrative tasks like applying for a leave, reviewing of time sheet, requesting for reimbursement payment, submitting of reimbursement slips, and viewing of compensation history.


Emorphis mobile application design and development team, came up with a tech savvy – mobile app. The overall user experience of the mobile application is intuitive and friendly. The app lets employee login and register for the app. The app lets you search for latest HR policies and practices with the help of search keywords and push buttons.

The app provides functionality for profile management, absence services – view leave balance, apply for a leave, cancel leaves, holiday calendars. With claim management for reimbursements the users can keep track on the workflows and approvals.

The generic services enable employees to view benefits, policy documents and pay slips download. Manager services, lets managers run efficiently on approving leaves, rejecting leaves, request for more information for direct reportee. Employees can also fill time sheet from the app.


  • Secured enrolment through authenticated sign up and log in.
  • Remember me and stay logged in feature for easy access.
  • Ability to create profiles, record attendance and log punch in and punch out time.
  • Key feature to view and download payslips and form 16.
  • One can file and view reimbursements details such as approval and balance.
  • View approvals, and list of holidays and transaction history.

Application Benefits


  • Trans-payroll provides facility to view profile details.
  • With trans-payroll, you can record and view attendance.
  • Apply, approve leaves, regularization anytime, anywhere.
  • Trans-Payroll allows the user to check pay slips and form 16.
  • View reimbursement balance anytime, anywhere.
  • View transaction history.
  • Send birthday, anniversary wishes without fail.
  • Search employee with name, emp code and blood group.
  • React Native

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