We developed a state-of-the-art order management system iOS application based on an online catalog. The idea is to bring together key automotive retailer’s channel stakeholders on one platform – sales and execution for improved efficiencies.

With this retail order management system, the sales team reached customers with an online catalog ensuring a quick turnaround time on key aspects viz. quotations, order management, and tracking systems.

Light application to hold 300,000 records and indexed search for 137,000 products.

Automotive Retail


The client company is a leading US-based automotive & industrial repair supplier. By providing exceptional value to customers through its product and services, the client has carved a name for itself in the US market.

The motto – great products and attentive service bring you a lifetime customer. Products and services include; various fasteners, tools, and other supplies. With its network of service distributors, the company serves 35,000 customers across the market.

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The Requirement

The client company wanted to improve on customer base and reach through its iOS application focused on an online catalog. By harnessing the mobile app technology on the Apple iOS platform, the company wanted to optimize order management, respond to market demand, enhancing profitability while achieving awesome customer satisfaction.

The online catalog is essential to the automotive aftermarkets, whether you are a retailer requiring access to product information, or a component supplier keen to offer the latest products to the widest possible range of customer base, the key to success is accessibility and ease of use.

The need of the hour by the client was an online order management system integrating all key channel stakeholders – sales, and execution. Application specifications include:

  • Real-time order processing within the stipulated deadline
  • The functionality of a fully searchable catalog to retailers – automotive parts, equipment (images, description documents – features n specifications)
  • Secure executive logon
  • Light Application to hold 300,000 records
  • Indexed searching for 137,000 products
  • Order tracking and speed of execution across sales and fulfillment channels
  • Data Synchronization using database and local storage APIs on mobile
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We at Emorphis provided a full host of front and back-end web development services. The solution includes – design, development, testing, and support to ensure a successful go-live.

We brought in our deep technical expertise to offer a solution that facilitated the field reps to search categories, find & sort products, and the ability to add to the order cart easily.

In order to reduce the sync time, we at Emorphis suggested using the CouchDB which stores data as documents. Each document in a CouchDB database has a unique ID which reduces the data sync time considerably and improves product search.

The design and development team worked closely on a sequence of prototypes, which was then used to test and evaluate physical, functional, and conceptual usability.

To enhance security the application allowed to store device id and type during user registration ensuring secured executive logon. The application served as an enabler to manage and monitor complex processes across order management and fulfillment – order creation, customer management, order tracking, and status query professionally.


The core of the project was an online catalog, with all the standard functionality to offer – front and back-end dynamic web catalog. The catalog is easy to customize, edit, and rebrand, and includes a content management system for keeping the product line up to date. The user-friendly online environment enables sales reps and retailers to easily find and order product parts.


  • User Authentication
  • Customer Management
  • Catalog Search
  • Sales order management
  • Easy to navigate interactive fully functional catalog
  • Secure access to product details throughout the catalog
  • Increased order accuracy due to automation of order entry
  • Role management
  • Order management (Creation, Tracking, History)
  • Push Notifications
  • Business Analysis and CRM
  • B2B e-commerce platform


  • Cordova-2.9.0
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C for iPhone
  • HTML 5
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Bootstrap
  • CouchDB

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