There’s no need for the sales team to be tied to a desk when you have Automotive Lead Conversion Mobile App’s communication and sales features in the palm of your hand. Empower your team to focus on customers and not computers.

Sales Reps can quickly access leads on their cell phone in the mobile apps to send texts and emails, update notes, schedule appointments, and log sales. Comprehensive sales process automation makes your entire team more efficient, productive & accountable.



The car maker brand is a world-renowned European automaker. Founded in the last century to current, the automobile company has 100+ years of legacy.



The intended mobile app should provide dealerships a competitive advantage by leveraging mobile technology to enable sales staff to have an eagle’s eye overview of the entire sales process.

The digital solution should enable sales representatives at the dealership to create a digital experience that converts more shoppers to customers and keep them loyal to the dealership throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.

The message from the auto maker was clear – “The auto leader conversion mobile app should be a game changer for the sales team. The idea is to serve the mobile app as a hosted platform for innovation.”



The mobile app engages and empowers the dealership to increase auto sales, as well as deliver a personalized customer experience with innovation. Full access to the dealership’s inventory gives sales reps the opportunity to research car models and access all related relevant information.

The auto dealers through the mobile app will be able to digitally connect with the entire sales process of leads and be better able to connect with customers and send take necessary actions throughout the sales cycle to convert suspects, into prospects and finally into happy customers. This in turn offers to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher auto & service revenue.

mob with car


Automation –  

Automated emails and texts allow the dealership to follow up consistently with all customers while keeping the sales team focused on high-probability leads.

Accountability –

With every task and activity logged in one place, managers can monitor the sales team at a glance and always know which activities are producing the best results.



The multitude of functional capabilities include:

  • Managing connected campaigns per store or managing of the entire network through centralized supervision.
  • Local or remote management of messages and mailing lists based on the brand message.
  • Posting on social networks — analyze and control tools.
  • Management and distribution of all types of media: photos, music, videos, slide shows, web content, RSS feeds, Management mono, and multi-screen.
  • The Social Retail platform allows planning, administration, and distribution in a few clicks.
  • Social Retail Mobile to Mobile is a paying-per-result and without a long-term commitment.
  • Social Retail Mobile to Mobile helps you adapt your business to this frenetic pace by simplifying the delivery method and rendering it fluid from a small screen.


  • Cordova-2.9.0
  • Javascript
  • Objective-C for iPhone
  • HTML 5
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Bootstrap
  • CouchDB

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