Jumeirah Mobile Apps

jumeirah mobile app

Jumeirah Hotels has launched a mobile application that allows travelers to book cab fleets from the hotels. Moreover, with the second phase of the app, drivers attached to the hotel can manage bookings for pick and drop.

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Indian Media Conglomerates’ News App

Indian media

With the advent of the smartphone, there are a million and one ways to keep abreast of even the most obscure of news sources. Having said that – Mobile phones are some of our most personal devices. They’ve changed how we produce, distribute, and engage with the news.

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Web & Mobile app for Caddies, Courses and Golfers

web and mobile app

This exuberant web & mobile app is a virtual caddie service platform that pairs golfers with caddies. This app protects and preserves existing caddie programs at top courses and resorts and protects the occupation of caddying to elevate the standards of caddie services.

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First Web Based Online Wardrobe Mobile App

online wadrobe

First web based Online Wardrobe Maintenance website. As per the app clothing and fashion is interlinked and is a social phenomenon. The fashion company is a personal wardrobe assistant, organizing a user's collection and even suggesting clothing items that haven't been worn recently. If a piece has fallen out of favour or no longer fits, users can choose to share it with friends or give it away.

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Automotive Lead Conversion Mobile App


Sales Reps can quickly access leads on their cell phone in the mobile apps to send texts and emails, update notes, schedule appointments, and log sales. Comprehensive sales process automation makes your entire team more efficient, productive & accountable.

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