Social Fashion Network Online Wardrobe

social fashion network

In today’s workplace people have emerged as the most asset for unlocking the power of information and ideas. To innovate and remain competitive, organizations need to provide the right tools, culture, IT ecosystems for employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers to communicate and collaborate ideas, views and thoughts.

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Mobile iOS App for Health Insurance Agents


For the sales cycle to be complete, agents need to explain product features and payment options to the customers in detail. What is required is an up-to-date information regarding new product, product comparisons, and promotional offers.

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Digital Publishing Platform for Mobile Devices

digital publishings

The digital publishing platform is an end-to-end solution, best suited for publishing niche content in a story telling platform on any mobile device. The platform provides rich text ready to use templates and is backed by a Smart CMS at the backend to create content.

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